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Inspire Development Ltd is a bespoke Learning and Development consultancy who work with our clients to provide a full training cycle service, whether you have diagnosed the learning need your self and would like us to design and deliver a solution or if you would like us to conduct a full consultancy project from learning needs analysis to evaluation.

Virtual Learning Events

At Inspire Development we pride ourselves on creating online experiences which are as engaging and inspiring as our face to face workshops. We have delivered virtual or online events to many of our clients over the past twelve years. Ranging from bitesize 1-hour high impact sessions to multi-day programmes.

Our familiarity with a number of virtual platforms, online technology and tools plus our understanding of how people learn has enabled Inspire Development to ensure online learning is effective and memorable. Try us…

We design and deliver customised training solutions for your specific needs.

We begin by asking you the all-important questions such as “What outcomes are you looking to achieve?” and “What changes do you want to see?” From here, together we decide what the appropriate skills, knowledge and attitudes are that are needed to make this change a reality.

Learning Needs Analysis

All of our training is built around the training cycle and we will spend time with you during the LNA phase to fully understand where you are and where you want to get to as a result of this training. We will also understand your business and business environment.


At inspire Development, we pride ourselves on creating both engaging and effective learning events. During the design phase, we employ the latest research into the human brain and how it learns best. this ensures we maximise your time and engage all individuals.


We assess via the use of quizzes/teach backs/skills practice and other demonstrations of competence. These sessions are used to correct and enhance the delegates new skills.


Don’t expect “chalk and talk” your delegates will be involved in individual or group working right from the start. We believe that people learn by doing not listening and that creation is better than consumption. Where possible we will use real-life workplace cases to practice new skills, this could even involve the use of actors to enhance practice sessions.


We feel that evaluation is best managed by the training sponsor and are always glad when asked to be involved in the evaluation process.


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The MBTI instrument is the best known and most trusted personality assessment on the market. Far more than just a personality test, MBTI provides a constructive, flexible framework that can be applied to all areas of human interaction and personal development. The MBTI profile reveals how we see and interact with the world, giving insight into our motivation and the motivation of others. This provides a strong foundation for personal growth and development, underpinning enhanced personal effectiveness.

MBTI identifies personality type, made up of four basic preferences, and provides a positive framework to explain how we interact with the world and each other.

Inspire Development have fully qualified practitioners who are able to design and deliver high impact team development days based on the insights from MBTI. Our coaches are also qualified to utilise the MBTI report to provide insights for coaching clients growth and development if required.

Inspire Development Coaching Overview

This overview will give you:

  • Some initial understanding of coaching – what it is and the potential benefits
  • An understanding of what the client can expect from our Coaches and what the coach will expect from the client
  • An insight into the coaching process
  • Encouragement to the client to begin thinking about any goals or objectives they may have and how coaching could help them to achieve them.

What is coaching?

Coaching literally means ‘to transport someone from one place to another’.

It is a form of learning, where a person (the coach) supports someone else (the client) to create self-development and to learn in a way that is suited to them. The coach supports the individual to improve performance and get better results – the goals that the client wants to achieve. Note that the person setting the goals is the client, not the coach, nor the sponsor, although the sponsor is obviously a key stakeholder.

The client experiences a focus and attention that enables them to develop greater awareness and appreciation of their own position, thought processes and reactions. From this, they are able to create new ways of thinking and behaving to produce better results and to achieve their goals more easily.

Coaching is usually a series of conversations between the coach and client. The coach navigates the client through the conversation in a way that relates to the client’s learning style and stimulates progress. The coach may also observe the client in action, e.g. chairing a meeting and then discuss it with them.

A skilled coach uses a combination of observation, questioning, listening and feedback to create a conversation that is rich in insight and learning for the client. With the client’s permission, the coach can provide feedback based on observations, discussions with people the client works with, and/or diagnostic tools.

Common benefits people experience from coaching include:

  • Clarity about their goals
  • Strengths and potential blocks to achieving goals identified
  • Improved sense of direction and focus
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Improved ability to relate to and influence others
  • Increased motivation
  • Improved personal effectiveness e.g. focused effort
  • Increased resourcefulness and resilience e.g. the ability to respond well to change

Coaching is different to structured training, therapy, psychoanalysis or psychotherapy. If you think of a spectrum with instruction at one end and therapy at the other, coaching falls in between, as does mentoring.

Coaching differs from instruction in that the coach helps the client to find their own solutions, rather than providing solutions. It differs from therapy in that whilst it promotes greater self-awareness and appreciation of the client’s situation and circumstances, it is not counselling. Mentoring falls between Instruction and Coaching as its focus is on the mentor transferring their skills and knowledge to the mentee along with ongoing support, whereas coaching endeavours to help the client find the answers from within themselves and their own experiences.

Coaching requires significant investment from the client, their organisation and the coach. It should therefore be used to positively develop the individual from a position of existing strength and not be seen as a last resort option in dealing with issues of poor performance.

What you can expect from your coach

Your coach provides support of a kind distinct from any other by focusing solely on your situation with the kind of attention, objectivity and commitment that you will rarely experience elsewhere.

Your coach will listen with a genuine curiosity, to understand who you are, what you think and generally how you experience the world. Your coach will reflect this back to you with the kind of objective assessment that creates real clarity. During conversations, your coach will encourage you to rise to challenges, overcome obstacles and take action.

Because the relationship is based on trust and openness, the contents of your discussions will be confidential. Where there is a sponsor for your coaching, your coach will agree with you the best way to keep them involved or updated.

What your coach will expect from you

Your coach will encourage you to stay committed to the coaching process. That means scheduling and attending sessions and taking your own notes where appropriate.

Your coach also needs you to be open and contribute to conversations honestly. For example, if something is not working, your coach needs to know; if you have concerns or problems, voice them; if you know why a problem is occurring, say so. The strength and power of coaching relates strongly to the level of openness and trust between you and your coach.

The process

Having decided that coaching is the right approach, the first step for the prospective client is to choose a coach. It is essential to find a coach that the client can work well with. The client needs to take time to talk to a range of possible coaches so that they can find the best one for them. These discussions are often referred to as ‘chemistry meetings’ – ensuring that the relationship between the client and the coach will work for both parties.

Once engaged, the first activity is to set up and agree the context within which the coach and client will be working. If the client’s coaching is being sponsored, the coach can facilitate a three-way meeting to ensure that any input the sponsor wishes to contribute is clear and understood by all involved. This is also a useful meeting at which to agree how and when progress will be measured and reported, and by/to whom.

The coach will also work with the client to agree logistics such as:

  • The duration and frequency of sessions
  • Whether coaching conversations are to be face to face, over the telephone or a combination
  • The number of sessions that might be required
  • The various options in terms of how they can be packaged.

A further topic for exploration and agreement is the expectations the client and coach have of each other i.e. how they will work together. This could include how active the client wishes the coach to be and the level of challenge the client is looking for.

Finally the coach will help the client to clarify what it is they want from the coaching i.e. its overarching purpose, and what success will look like. This provides the overall direction for the coaching. The coach will also encourage the client to identify outcomes for each coaching session. Bear in mind that the client’s overall goals may change as a result of insights gained through the coaching process.

What next?

If you are the client, take a few minutes to think through the areas you want to explore through coaching and any current goals you may have. You may wish to involve other key stakeholders such as your manager, colleagues, family and friends. You might find the following helpful:

  • How might coaching benefit you?
  • What goals or objectives are you focused on?
  • What would you like to change, do more of, less of?
  • What will indicate to you that the coaching is being/has been successful?
  • What coaching have you received in the past? What worked well for you? What pointers would you give to a new coach to help them work most effectively with you?

Client Testimonials

I know that the team have already given their feedback, but I thought I would write you a note rather than leave a message. I think that the course achieved the brief really well and was relevant to the team. The team were clearly energised when I arrived showing their enthusiasm for the theory and techniques incorporated into the AL session. Katerina was a great role-model for the course demonstrating the skills she was advocating. As an excellent course leader, she made it look really easy and completely natural. Katerina showed tremendous empathy with the group and tailored the sessions well to keep us all engaged. The group came out with a lot of ideas and solutions to use for the future and I have committed to follow up during our 1:1 sessions and at team meetings to continue the enthusiasm and momentum. Thank you both for coming up with a training solution that was so relevant and inspirational.

Chris Quinn Training and Development Manager, Shire Pharma

Throughout 2006 I led a large-scale development programme for one of the UK’s largest blue-chip organisations, and I needed a team of highly skilled facilitators to deliver the programme. Katerina was recommended to me by a trusted business colleague. It has been a privilege to work with her. Not only is she a consummate facilitator and topic expert, her enthusiasm and passion for her work is infectious and we have received stellar evaluations whenever she has been involved on delivery of a module. She has added immense value to the programme and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Mary Long Director Jordan Consultants

I have never witnessed a training session that was delivered in such a way that the delegates left challenged, enthused and motivated to make a change in such a way as Inspire Development does I cannot speak highly enough of the service provided.

Mark Shiner, Sales Trainer, Ortho Biotech

You immersed yourself fully into the programme and the sessions that you facilitated were excellent. The delegates really appreciated your naturally enthusiastic style and listened intently to what you had to say.

Phil Yates, Director, Customised Training Solutions

I know whatever our requirements are, Inspire Development will tailor make a training course specific to our needs and deliver a programme that the delegates become thoroughly absorbed in.

Sue Birch, General Business Manager, The Vacancy Management Company

Inspire Development maintain a passion and enthusiasm that is truly infectious and inspires all who come into contact, meaning that the courses give tangible benefits both professionally and personally.

Colin Hurst, Head of Training and Development, Schering Plough Ltd

I would like to personally thank you all for your efforts in producing a first class design and delivery of this programme. This was clearly recognised by all the delegates to have been of the highest standard.

David Roe, David Roe

Your enthusiasm, passion and interaction kept the team completely motivated and committed throughout the ITC. Thank you for putting together a programme which stretched the delegates, but was also fun.

Sue Birch, General Business Manager, The Vacancy Management Company

Howard and Katerina Rose of Inspire Development are a great team – between them they offer a unique and comprehensive package which they are able to tailor to your exact requirements. It’s a no brainer – personal service with all of the professionalism and expertise that larger companies offer‚ whilst respecting your budget. Inspire Development continues to be my first choice when looking for an imaginative and reliable solution to training and development needs from individuals to whole company training.

Ruth Flynn, Safoni Pasteur MSD

Working with Inspire Development is always the right choice. I have been working with Katerina for a few years now and confidently used her within three companies (utilities, biotech and retail) At every stage Katerina delivers uber levels of professionalism, expertise, and the most engaging delivery I have witnessed. When it comes to working with a consultant who comes in open-minded with a willingness to learn what makes each business unique and deliver tangible results which go on to live after the face to face delivery – These are your people. A 100% average satisfaction rating for all programmes delivered is just an added bonus!

Claire Lowrie, Senior Learning & Development Business Partner at Brakes Group

Kat has delivered several modules of the Management Development Programme that Samaritans runs for its managers. We have received excellent feedback from our managers on Kat’s training as being very knowledgable, useful and engaging. I have also used Kat as my personal coach for several years and found her input and guidance very valuable. I would highly recommend Kat to others who are seeking management training or coaching

Claire Watt Chartered (FCIPD), HR Director, Samaritans

Katerina is highly professional and motivational – I have worked with Katerina as a colleague and subsequently as an associate working with me on a coaching programme – she is extremely intuitive and imaginative and provides motivational and challenging training and coaching which has a lasting effect – she is thoroughly committed to her clients, and has a great knack of being able to “read” the room and the moods of the delegates and clients and adapt accordingly. Always reliable and professional and has her clients interests at heart. I would recommend Katerina to provide a thought provoking and stimulating training and coaching programme.

Elaine Macnamara, Brittany Dog Rescue

Kat is a fantastic trainer. Every project she has been involved in whilst working with us as an associate consultant has resulted in great outcomes for the clients and feedback from the delegates. I particularly like the way she applies accelerated learning principle to everything she does which has a hugely positive effect.

Simon Walker, Managing Director, Parajet. Non Executive Director for fast growth, tech-savvy businesses

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