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At Inspire Development, we are passionate about helping people achieve their potential.

Founded in 2000, Inspire Development is an innovative small business, specialising in the development and delivery of practical and effective training and development solutions for the UK business community.

Inspire Development offer a wide range of innovative, customised training and coaching solutions that can be delivered via workshops, facilitated events, team building away-days and business coaching.

We provide development solutions uniquely designed to suit your individual needs in the areas of management leadership training, skills for communication, team development, accelerated learning, sales and customer service skills, all uniquely tailored to the needs of your individuals, teams and organisation.

Piechart showing results from Survey In a recent survey of UK employees, Gallup found that just 19% are engaged caring and motivated, an enormous 61% are not engaged going through the motions, will leave if they see a better opportunity and 20% are actively disengaged showing a vocal and highly negative attitude toward their work and their employer.

Early identification of the issues that surround this, along with the correct design and implementation of a training intervention, be it a workshop, coaching, team building etc. will increase engagement, reduce churn and increase job satisfaction.

We see ourselves as Learning and Development Partners to our clients. Our consultants are skilled professionals who know how to uncover needs, define root causes, and identify realistic solutions. Those solutions are always created specifically for each client. You can be reassured that our facilitator team is consistently rated as exceeding client expectations.

Give us a call to talk about your current or future needs we're an informal, friendly bunch here and we will be delighted to meet with you without any further obligations. We will ask you intelligent questions that get to the heart of things, and we will help you accelerate the process of getting to where you, your team or your organisation wants to be.Hide...

Our Vision, Misson and Values

Our Vision
To be regarded in the U.K. as the people development company who consistently inspires individuals to develop personally and engage at higher and more rewarding levels, leading to increased performance for their business.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to develop our client's people so they may develop their organisations to new levels of performance and engagement.

We achieve this by ensuring all our training and development services are fully matched to the clients needs and delivered in a way that leads to maximum retention and application. In this way we will ensure that our clients are delighted and become life long partners.

Our Values

Making a Positive Difference
We strive to ensure people are left feeling positive at every contact. We create a lasting positive change for individuals and organisations through our listening and responding to needs and creating inspiring interventions.

We demonstrate flexibility towards our clients and understand that environments change rapidly; we are always ready to respond to what is needed.

Cutting Edge
We ensure our development programmes are consistently fresh, different and inspiring by continually developing our own personal skills knowledge and resources.

Value For Money
We believe in maximising our client's investment, guaranteeing focused and successful interventions and provide follow up coaching and resources, to support skills learnt and ensure long lasting impact.

Focus on Organisational and Individual Needs
We design and deliver each programme with the needs of the organisation and the individual in mind. We treat every individual with respect and integrity at each contact. Hide...

What We Do

We design and deliver customised training solutions for your specific needs.
We start by asking you the all-important question "what change do you want to see." From this point we can decide what are the appropriate skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to make this change a reality.

Training Needs Analysis
All of our training is built around the training cycle and we will spend time with you during the TNA phase to fully understand where you are and where you want to get to as a result of this training. We will also understand your business and business environment.

During the design phase we design the workshop activities to appeal to the three main senses of sight, sound, feeling to ensure that all the delegates benefit from training delivered in their preferred style.

Don't expect "chalk and talk" your delegates will be involved in individual or group working right from the start. We believe that people learn by doing not listening and that creation is better than consumption. Where possible we will use real live work place cases to practice new skills, this could even involve the use of actors to enhance practice sessions.

We assess via the use of quizzes/teach backs/skills practice and other demonstrations of competence. These sessions are used to correct and enhance the delegates new skills.

We feel that evaluation is best managed by the training sponsor and are always glad when asked to be involved in the evaluation process.



How We Do it:

By listening to you and understanding your exact needs.


Our Clients

Here are just a few names from our growing list of clients.
Clients we have worked with include ...
Companies we have worked with Hide...


Our Team

We are a small and friendly team having experience in many industries, from Civil Service Organisations, NHS, through to pharmaceutical and engineering. We have worked in diverse locations such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Greece, France, Switzerland, Romania, and Poland.

  • At Inspire Development we are all involved in the development of others, so we feel that we should also develop ourselves.
  • We work closely with you to understand your needs
  • Our training styles draws on the latest developments from areas such as neuro-science, emotional intelligence,NLP and accelerated learning.
  • We even use actors to give realism to skills practice sessions

Each year we attend several developmental workshops and courses ranging from cartooning and magic for trainers to an MEd in training and development. We believe that we cannot develop others if we are not developing ourselves, and continually asking is there a better way to do this for the client.

Many training companies have off the shelf courses, we do not. We will ask you lots of questions like, what do you want to see happening differently? And how would you describe the current gap in performance. In the past we have spent time with delegates in the field so we are able to carry out an effective TNA.

As part of our own development we have become accredited to run several diagnostic tools, such as the Hay Groups emotional intelligence (ECI) tool, which we regularly use in a Leadership programme for a global pharmaceutical company along with the Strength Deployment Inventory. A tool that helps us understand what motivates others to behave in the way they do. This increased understanding of our self and others leads to more productive relationships for sales people, managers and any one in a role that requires us to interact with others.

To add realism to our workshops we can use trained actors, this really helps the skills development of sales people and managers alike. Our actors are highly skilled in giving feedback and add a lot of value to our delegates learning.

360 Appraisals
We have a range of 360 degree assessment tools to cover developmental needs from team performance to emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence
Often measured as an Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ), describes an ability, capacity, or skill to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one's self, of others, and of groups.

The Strength Deployment Inventory is a learning resource that has been proved to be effective in building strong relationships worldwide for more than 25 years. It enables everyone to understand the reason why people do things rather than just observe and react to what is done. Hide...

Our Team

Katerina Rose

Katerina Rose
Characterised by an enthusiasm and energy for people development and for creating stimulating and enjoyable learning environments. Katerina is a qualified Business and Master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (trained by both the co-founders of NLP), and now specialises in helping people achieve business and personal success in Leadership, Influencing, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, and Relationship Management. She has worked alongside Kimberley Hare one of the leading pioneers in the area of accelerated learning training.

Katerina is certified by Hay/McBer to coach Leaders in the area of Emotional Intelligence. Based on 360 feedback, this is a valuable tool demonstrated to improve performance. Katerina is seen as an authority in the area of Emotional Intelligence and has developed stimulating Leadership programmes with an emphasis on the practical application of this model with a number of corporations throughout the UK and abroad.

Katerina is also accredited to administer the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), a powerful tool providing insights into the area of personal motivation and Relationship Awareness. And has researched and developed the powerful Salesindex360 in conjunction with The Communication Challenge. This is a proven 360-feedback report designed to enhance and measure the development of professional salespeople.

Katerina worked for over nine years in the pharmaceutical industry in Sales and Management where she achieved outstanding success and recognition as 'Salesperson of the Year' for her consistently high sales growth. Now with over ten years training and coaching experience, Katerina works as a Director and Consultant with Inspire Development to help others perform at their best.

More than anything else Katerina's passion is about making a positive difference to anything she is involved in.

Katerina is a committee Member of the Sales Training Association (STA) and holds a Diploma in Performance Coaching with Newcastle College and has worked with a long list of clients, which includes; KPMG, Johnson and Johnson, Citigroup, Lloyds TSB, Roche, Astra Zeneca, Novartis and the NHS to name a few.

Katerina lives with her husband and two young children in Guildford and enjoys spending time having fun with her family and friends; her passions include traveling, scuba diving and running. Hide...

Howard Rose

Howard Rose
Howard provides a blend of facilitation and coaching to achieve powerful performance outcomes for individuals. He became a training consultant after 20 years in the electronics and communications industry.

During this time he carried out various roles within manufacturing and engineering. Implementing process improvement and Statistical Process Control within manufacturing cells for ITT Cannon.His time at Thorn EMI saw him take on responsibility for the training and development of his team of six Engineers. He also managed the successful completion of defense engineering and training programmes in the Middle East with Thomson CFS. Before becoming involved in with Inspire Development was the successful management of the South East England territory for a worldwide test equipment management company.

Howard now facilitates programmes in the areas of management, Leadership, Communication and Sales and is a dynamic facilitator helping delegates increase insights in areas such as Emotional Intelligence and behavioural styles.

Howard holds a CIPD Recognised Certificate in Training Practice and qualifications in Electronic Engineering along with a Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies. He is accredited by Personal Strengths Publishing to run the valuable Strengths Deployment Inventory programme, an insight to personal motivation. He is also qualified NLP Practitioner and utilises Accelerated Learning to maximise learning for his delegates.

Howard is a member of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning. Living in Guildford with his wife and two children, when he can find the time he likes scuba diving and is a club instructor other interests include Studying for a Masters in Training and Development at Bradford University and Camping with the family. Hide...

Bob Bevil

Bob Bevil
This award winning, published and accredited training expert has the ability to assess organisational, group and individual learning needs and meet them in a way that truly challenges attitudes and behaviour. This flexible professional has held developmental posts in both the public and private sectors including the building and leading of the training department in Britain's fastest growing pharmaceutical company.

Built on the solid foundation of an excellent pharmaceutical sales record, practice as a qualified social worker and recent accreditation as an NLP practitioner, this Licentiate Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning wants to maximise his assessment, analysis and leadership potential in an organisation serious about delivering cutting edge development. Hide...