Customer Service


Can your product or service be obtained elsewhere? Yes I thought so! So what is the difference that will make sure your customers come back time after time and also recommend you to others? Customer service will. Being easier to do business with, or adding value through service is what makes the difference. Find out how to develop that customer service attitude in your team or business. And according to a survey carried out by the Institute of Customer Service in 2001:-

*Having a complaint resolved effectively, causes most customers to recommend that supplier to friends. *80% of customers tell someone if their complaint is not handled well. *Only 25% of staff feel qualified to deal with complaints. *Only 33% of customer-facing staff have received specific training in dealing with angry customers.

Who will benefit

If you are a Customer Service Manager or Customer Service representative, we can help by designing a workshop for your needs that will give you that edge to make sure your customer comes back again and again.


Workshops are designed to help customer service managers or customer service representatives deliver great customer service to their customers, either internal or external.

Example Objectives

  • Understand the link between customer service and sales
  • Be able to say No to customers with out losing them
  • How to handle Complaints so the customer feels valued
  • Learn how to see things from the customers perspective
  • Find out how to use body language to build rapport
  • Learn how to deal with objections

Example Content

  • Telephone etiquette - the do’s and don’ts
  • Making the right first impression
  • Attentive listening and questioning techniques
  • Building rapport
  • Handling complaints, anger and difficult customers
  • Making the most of your voice, understanding tone
  • How to use body language
  • Positive language
  • Perceptual positions
  • Making going the extra mile easier


Client Feedback

From a recent Customer Service Workshop
>What aspects will you find most useful?

  • Being positive, confident not afraid
  • Becoming more assertive, confident & creative
  • SORES, Visualisation & Outcomes
  • Exercises/Games – makes you think about what doing
  • Given insight into how to ‘read people’ more productively
  • I learnt a lot about being more perceptive
  • Positivity aspect – Choosing your mindset
  • Mirror/matching information learned
  • To be creative
  • Planning strategies
  • Believing I can achieve what I set out to do
  • Communicating with other people, building rapport & understanding where they are coming from
  • The areas of building rapport
  • State
  • Building Rapport/Match
  • When I was able to ask about skills relevant to my job
  • Communicating and being positive
  • Choosing my state, mirroring body language
  • To increase communication
  • Understanding customer better i.e. audio, visual, touching
  • Mind state
>What suggestions, if any, for improvement do you have?
  • None - It was excellent
  • None
  • None
  • Sort out environment such as heating etc.
What will you do differently as a result of this training?
  • Become more confident & challenging in situations that I would normally shy way from
  • To try to stay calm and listen to other people more
  • Understand my mind state
  • Try to see things from other peoples perspectives
  • Hopefully will be confident and creative!
  • Observe people more
  • Listen, think about my outcomes
  • Put ideas forward with more confidence
  • Remembering there is ‘No Failure, only feedback’
  • Speak up
  • Be more aware of how people act & interact
  • Look at customer differently
  • Change state when required
  • Think more creatively – using different methods
  • Try to listen & learn from others i.e. Keep an open mind
  • Stay calm and empathise with customer more
  • Try and keep positive
  • Improved communication
If someone asks you to describe the main benefits of attending this course, what would you say?
  • Being positive and working in a team
  • Confidence and positive with ideas
  • Involvement for all, better understanding, able to offer higher level of commitment to others
  • Getting together with team member outside a work environment
  • Better insight into self and others
  • Communication with other colleagues in group
  • Strategies for communication and creative thinking
  • Fun day learning
  • More insight into communication and confidence techniques
  • Team bonding
  • Help everybody be more aware of what we can do and that they are valued
  • Thinking how I communicate and improve myself
  • Should be able to serve external & internal customer better
  • Interesting – I didn’t expect to learn so much!
  • To make you see & listen to others
  • Looking at some ideas for the working environment
Any Other Comments?
  • Enjoyable day – thank you
  • Thank you!
  • Excellent, thanks – I feel that my team will really benefit
  • Excellent nibbles – much better than sweets!
  • Gave me a push/support to start making & achieving outcomes/goals


Top Tips

  1. Recruit high quality people who have a service attitude to communicate with you customers. Expect the best and don't accept less!
  2. People will treat customers how they are treated, so ensure you treat them fairly, courteously and support them so they feel valued.
  3. Listen to and understand your customers, the better you know them the more chance there is that you will offer them a great service.
  4. Go the extra mile for your customers! Do encourage your people to take repsonsibility and make decisions which will improve the customer experience.
  5. Always give customers the benefit of the doubt, don't try to prove you are right. Just ensure they get the most positive response from you. You may win the argument but you'll lose the customer.
  6. Do whatever you can to say yes! Be helpful, even if there is no immediate profit.
  7. Ensure you train your people to be courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. Keep them informed of any changes.
  8. Ask customers what they think. Ask, how are we doing, survey, benchmark and always strive to improve and add value.
  9. Treat each customer as an individual, make every experience a positive one.
  10. Keep all your promises. Under promise and over deliver.

Customer service is about ensuring your customers have an experience which is positive and encourages them to stay with you and come back again and again.