Client Feedback

"Throughout 2006 I led a large-scale development programme for one of the UK's largest blue-chip organisations, and I needed a team of highly skilled facilitators to deliver the programme. Kat was recommended to me by a trusted business colleague. It has been a privilege to work with her. Not only is she a consummate facilitator and topic expert, her enthusiasm and passion for her work is infectious and we have received stellar evaluations whenever she has been involved on delivery of a module. She has added immense value to the programme and I look forward to working with her again in the future."

Mary Long Director Jordan Consultants

Top Tips

We have collated our 10 favourite Leadership tips over the years; we hope they provide inspiration to some of you.

10 Leadership Tips

  1. As a Leader, you must know yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses; this will help you build the best team around you.

  2. Be clear about your objectives so that your can prioritise and remain focused. You also need to have a plan how to achieve them.

  3. Build a highly capable and motivated team committed to achieving your objectives.

  4. Provide support to each team member so they are able to give their best effort.

  5. Communication is critical. Take time to listen, understand, consult, involve and explain why as well as what needs to be done.

  6. “Praise loudly, blame softly.” (Catherine the Great) Follow this maxim. The most powerful way of gaining respect and trust is by always giving credit to others and taking blame and accepting responsibility.

  7. Accentuate the positive; express your thoughts in terms of how what you want things and not what you don’t want. Keep looking forward.

  8. In this high tech world of teleconference, mobile phones, emails, webinars etc. do take the time to walk around, speak to people face to face, learn from those around you and remember to make time for those one-to-one’s, they are as important as ever, if not more so.

  9. Demonstrate unshakeable faith in the people around you to achieve great things. They will do anything to prove you right most of the time.

  10. Constantly take opportunities to learn, keep developing, while you may be busy, failing to invest in yourself will ultimately result in your going backward or at best staying stuck. If you want to continue to prosper, keep developing.