Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI®)


SDI® is an excellent way of firstly increasing our self awareness by understanding what motivates us and then helps us enhance our relationships by understanding what motivates others. Unlike other “personality trait” tools the SDI® goes beyond behavior into our core values.

People who attend SDI® workshops consistently tell us how much they have found the workshops to be fascinating, enjoyable and above all have offered invaluable insights..

SDI is based on:

  • Motivation is the basis of behaviour. We all need to feel a sense of self worth and our motivation pattern is designed to enable us to feel this. In order to satisfy this motivation pattern we tend to have particular behaviour patterns. These have their own vocabulary and actions.

  • The assessment of what "turns us on" in our relationships is measured on a scale of 100 x 100 x 100 (which is a bit more subtle than most other assessments). These have four main 'thrusts' or orientations. To nurture, to achieve, to analyse, to adapt. We all do all of these, but we have a preference pattern. When conditions change from OK to not OK (pressure, stress, conflict) our pattern may intensify or change to something quite different ("The worm has turned".)

  • A weakness is an overdone strength (i.e. too much of a good thing is bad, when something goes 'Over-The-Top' it suffers. E.g a mothering approach which goes OTT becomes smothering; a leader approach which goes OTT will become dictatorial; an analytical approach which goes OTT will become nit-picking and an adaptable approach when it goes OTT will become 'wishy-washy'.

  • A person cannot be perfect but, by selecting individuals so that strengths complement and overdone strengths negate, it is possible to put together a team which is perfect.

Who will benefit

Anyone who works in a team! Also all those required to maximise work relationships such as people in Sales or Customer Service and all those who have Leadership responisbilities will benefit from insights into SDI®


Client Feedback

From a recent Team Development - SDI® Workshop
>What aspects will you find most useful?

    • Knowledge of self and how to ‘read’ and handle others • Learning how to give feedback • How others react to conflict • Having learnt my motivations, look at the ‘weakness’ area of this and try to tailor my reactions accordingly • How to give constructive criticism o each types of person • Assertiveness behaviour • Discussions, charts, SDI triangle • MVS would be useful in the work/social environment • Using my green/blue traits to benefit situations especially at home • How to approach the RED people! • Knowing which colour I was and also how my actions cause others to act the way they do • Being aware of traits for other groups • Knowing what to be on guard against • All, very interesting • Looking at other peoples behaviour/motivational • Insight into MVS and where the team are in the triangle • Questionnaire finding out your personality type • Dealing with other more effectively • Understanding other people and identifying their traits • The SDI’s they will be really useful in the work environment and personal relationships • Learning about different personalities and what triggers them off and how it can help you deal/speak to different types • Conflict • Using what I’ve learnt to know how to deal better with situations at home and work • Understanding red people dealing with conflict better • Dealing with conflict, becoming more assertive • Learning to understand behaviour patterns • Learning my MVS • Learning about all the factors and different categories people fall in • Strength Deployment Inventory • I appreciate how everyone is motivated. This will help me provide feedback • Be able to tell what others are like and how they click
>What suggestions, if any, for improvement do you have?
    • More role play • Role play • None • N/A • None • Would have been good to do with or individual teams – however know this wasn’t possible • N/A • A follow up course to take this a stage further and to look at individual situations (hypothetical of course)
What will you do differently as a result of this training?
    • Plan more before giving feedback • Not react to certain conflicts the way I used to • Hopefully think a little before reacting in conflict situations • Re-evaluate the way I give feedback • Change some of my negative traits (over compensating) • Understand different peoples attitudes • Improve my communication levels • Be more responsive and give my children more options • Understand other people responses/relationships better • Adapt my style of feedback to the person I’m dealing with • Not be as judgmental of other groups • Give more feedback • Heaps. The way I talk/see/perceive people • Understand what motivates other people and try to adapt my behaviour to get the best from the relationship • Get better at feedback especially to peers • Consider people differently • Will be able to deal with situations better • Be more understanding of people and try to use this courses techniques • Change my approach to people and try to be more assertive not aggressive • Try and look at what triggers my emotions and deal with them slightly better • Be more aware if there is a clash of personalities with others, why this is and deal with conflict better • Realise my triggers, deal with conflict better • How I see people responding to different situations • Give feedback to my team members • Respect that people have different views on things • Take a step back and see why people are responding the way they are • Continue understanding my behaviour and develop behaviours that will help me with others • Think about and access my reactions • See different team members in a more positive light, match their style, try not to be submissive • Understand why others work differently
If someone asks you to describe the main benefits of attending this course, what would you say?
    • Great to attend a session focused on gaining an insight about me as a person - not just about being effective at work. In life too! • Helps you understand yourself and why others do not always operate in the same way • Interact with team away from office setting • Insight into your behaviour • To find out about yourself • Finding out how to deal with and how to give feedback to other team members • Self awareness • Have a better understanding and awareness of people reactions and intentions • Will help me to understanding what makes other team members tick and how to respond to them in an appropriate manner • Learnt about myself and other people • Makes you think! • Personal development • Confidence • The whole course was very interesting and informative • Would love to attend any future courses • To learn more about yourself and the best way to deal with all types of situations at home and at work • Getting to know my colleagues more • Improving personal skills and interacting with others • Get a good insight into yourself and others • Increasing self awareness and awareness of others values and motivations • How to give feedback to different types of people • Motivational styles • Behaviour – how it affects work and personal life • Self awareness, awareness regarding others • Being able to have the time to look at your own behaviour and learn about yourself • Helps give confidence to move forward • Learning how to interact effectively with my colleagues • Sweets, toys and good fun! • It really has helped me to understand myself and why I react to certain situations • Personal advancement • Get to know more about yourself and the people you work with • Insight into your own motivation and others behaviour and how to react to different motivational types • More self knowledge • Informative and fun way to learn more about yourself and motivations of others • Understanding how others work, what motivates you
Any Other Comments?
    • The course was amazing. • I will benefit so much from what we learned, at home and at work • Kat was fantastic, look forward to another course with her • Very enjoyable – thanks • More courses for the future and a follow on from today’s course • Many thanks • Excellent day • As always an excellent course, thank you! • Thank you • Really well presented • Excellent course • Enjoyable day, thank you and very well taught


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