With Inspirational Facilitation:

  • Meetings arrive at better solutions, faster, with more consensus.
  • Groups achieve breakthroughs on impossible-to-solve issues.
  • People determine and resolve what's really on their minds.
  • The process builds trust, respect, and the spirit of community.
  • Everyone is enthused and committed to the results.
  • People grow in personal creativity and capability.


Inspiration Facilitation with Inspire Development

Inspiring Facilitation

Inspire Development offer our facilitation skills and experience to help your meetings run smoothly and produce the outcome you want.

What is Inspirational Facilitation?.

The best way to reach consensus, even when people disagree passionately, is to have a breakthrough. Then, groups reach a joint decision quickly, solve difficult issues, everyone is committed to the results, and the process builds trust, empowers individuals, and transforms the organisation. It's exciting to be in meetings with breakthroughs because each person's strengths are necessary and appreciated. Normal meetings mute the possibility for breakthroughs.

The Inspirational Facilitator maximizes the possibility for breakthroughs of both head and heart. He or she helps people to think at their best.

When to apply Inspirational Facilitation?

Inspirational Facilitation

Most meetings aim to help people be logical and reasonable. But this emphasis limits the potential of people to solve problems and form community. It is better to take on bigger issues, while helping people to think creatively together.

Inspirational Facilitation is appropriate for:

Big-issue meetings
dealing with difficult times, crises or "impossible" problems; strategic planning; sparking a leap forward, visioning.

Heart issues
resolving conflict, building shared values, building community and teams.

coaching, training, and personal development.

Straightforward meetings
quality improvement meetings, staff meetings, simple decisions, presentations, planning, etc.